Sierrascape greatly surpassed our expectations by not only producing an awesome landscaped yard, they also kept us involved allowing the landscape to evolve into a design that is uniquely our own. Their attention to grading, esthetic features, smart efficient irrigation, plants, trees, and ground cover, transformed our home’s surrounding landscape into the perfect balance of “green” that transitions very nicely with the surrounding forest. And it is truly from their expertise and discipline that this project was on time and on budget. Thank you Sierrascape for your professionalism and personal attention! You guys are great!!
— Bob & Dale
It is sometimes challenging to have a second home. One of the challenges is finding reliable businesses to help with maintenance or problems that may develop. Randy Nunez and Sierrascape have worked for us for many years. Over those years he has done projects that range from the complex (20-foot rock waterfall) to the simple (turning on the irrigation in the spring). Whether we have had a problem when we were at the house or were notified of a problem when we were away, Randy has always answered our calls for help promptly and gone the extra mile to make everything right. We have no reservations in recommending Sierrascape to anyone. Randy and his son Randon are not just skilled, dependable contractors, they are way north of that. Our only complaint is that we cannot clone them to have them work at our house in Woodside.
— Bob & Diane Coleman
When we decided to create a “bubbler” for our garden in Northstar, we contacted Randy Nunez of Sierrascape. Although our project was very small, Randy and his son Randon, worked with us to create a beautiful, functional feature. We wanted a water feature built with rocks from our property that blended with the natural vegetation. In addition, we wanted the water feature to run year-round so that we might have bird visitors even in the winter. This project required many site visits from Randy and Randon to select appropriate rocks and to locate the bubbler so that it could be viewed from our living room. Randy determined how to provide water and electricity for an automatic water refill and a heater to keep the water from freezing. Both bird and human residents are delighted with the result and also with the extraordinary personal attention that we received from Sierrascape.”
— Kathy Welch, Truckee, CA