Water Wise Irrigation Design and Installation


The cornerstone of Naturescaping is based on water-wise irrigation solutions.  In 2003 we were awarded the contract to construct the infrastructure for the Wel Garden at the San Juan Water District in Granite Bay, California.  This project was a series of nine demonstration gardens each utilizing the latest in water-wise irrigation products.  This provided us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of products and evaluate their merit.  Fueled by this opportunity to stand out in water conservation and resource efficiency we created the techniques and practices that have become the foundation of Naturescaping.

Ponds, Streams and Water Elements


Some ponds create their own ecosystems through the use of plants, fish, beneficial bacteria and gravel. Others are pondless water features, that at the flip of a switch you will enjoy a dancing stream without the maintenance issues associated with a conventional pond. We started building Aquascape ponds in 1998 and have built several ponds over the years in a variety of shape and sizes.  Finally, there are ornamental water elements with even less maintenance based on the pond less design. Please view our water gallery for pictures of each.

Complete Residential Landscape Construction


Initally we walk your property to evaluate the topography and identify the micro climates. This will stir the imagination and help us to envision unique outdoor living environments that suit your needs. Naturescaping is all about getting a feel for the area and then designing natural outdoor living environments. At that point we provide estimates and time lines to complete the design and construction proposal. 

If prefered we can refer you to a certified landscape architect for a complete and detailed plan defining hardscapes and plant materials. Our expertise is with the logistics, grading, hardscaping, irrigation design, planting and finished construction of your unique outdoor living environment.

Minor Excavation, Retaining Walls, Planters, Rockery and BMP's


Sierrascape has the right equipment for laying the infrastructure and creating natural rock features.  We specialize in building pathways, planters, firepits and water elements.  Additionally, effective drainage/BMP's, concrete work, planting and removal of trees and shrubs cover the scope of our work.

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