Welcome!  For a moment envision being seated comfortably among the tall pines as a sweet breeze rustles through the boughs.  A stream splashes and gurgles as it flows through the ferns and flowers.  The birds are bathing and the squirrels are jumping from tree to tree.  Then imagine this natural setting as close as your own backyard.  We love bringing some of Nature's best sights, sounds and smells into your landscape.  That’s Naturescaping!

At Sierrascape we are defining the art of Naturescaping through the use of:

  • Water-wise irrigation systems

  • Natural rock hardscapes

  • Water elements

  • Native and adapted plantings

  • Rich wood mulches

The desired result being, landscape designs that create natural looking outdoor living environments that are ecologically sustainable.  Naturescaping as a whole will help control erosion, improve overall water efficiency and enhance  property management.  

Our vision for Sierrascape is that of a father and son run company that will continue to provide personalized service, hands on reliability and honest conversation.  Sierrascape has been living by these ideals and servicing the needs of Truckee and North Tahoe residents since 1998.  We invite you to consider Sierrascape your guide to envisioning, designing and creating your outdoor living environments.  We love landscaping and this wonderful place we call home!  Discover why we are "Defining the art of Naturescaping!"