Steps to a Good Design  

Walk the property and get a feel for its character. 

Learn about your property lines, accessibility, local restrictions and topography.  

Raise questions about your future landscape. 

How long do you plan on being in the house? 

What do you most like about your site? What do you like least about the site? 

What specific uses do you have in mind for the landscape? 

Are there children or grandchildren in the landscape picture?

Are there pet considerations to account for? 

Are there architectural styles you want to carry through the landscape? 

Are there any areas that you would like to screen from view? 

Are you or any member of your family allergic to plants or insects? 

What microclimates or exposures are your focal spots in? 

What are the sun/shade areas of your site? 

Do you desire to attract birds or wildlife? 

How much money have you budgeted for improvements? 

How much time do you have for this project? Who will do the maintenance work? 

Define the zones of interest. 

Consider who will enjoy it and how often?

Ask will the effort create benefit? 

Decide which areas would be focal points. 

Develop a concept plan.

Start with the outline of the structures. 

Consider the use of each area: kids' play area, relaxing, entertaining. 

Consider the shape and size of lawn and garden. 

Design basics. 

Choose plant materials. 

 Just do it! 

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